3 Reasons to Try Worm Composting

Composting kitchen scraps in a worm bin is easy and rewarding. Even if you already have an outdoor compost bin, having a worm bin makes good sense. Here’s why:

Worms work FAST: Worms can convert most kitchen scraps to finished compost in less than two weeks.

Worms work ALL WINTER LONG: Keep a worm bin in your basement, garage or pantry (above 55 degrees and below 80 degrees F) and your worms will keep making compost right through the winter months.

Worm Castings are RICH: Top dress any of your indoor or outdoor plants with some finished worm compost and watch what happens. You’ll get better results than with any commercial fertilizer.

Learn more: Worm Composting How-To

Dear Santa,

Kristin wants more bird feeders, Maria would like a rain barrel, Lisa wants an irrigation system and Suzanne hopes to have a green thumb this year.

We are blown away by the scads of answers to our question “what garden gift do you most want to see under the tree.”  More than a thousand of you wrote in – and we hope Santa is listening.

Most of you, not surprisingly, wanted our groovy, green Worm Farm Composter (it also comes in grey), and that’s the Grand Prize in this contest.

There are more responses below, or you can go to our Facebook page to see the complete contest.

The winners

We picked our winners at random, and in case you’re wondering, here is who won what:

  • Worm Farm Composter: Robyn Marie
  • $100 Gardener’s Supply Gift Cards: Heather Goesch and Sarah Bergstrom
Your comments

Here’s a sampling of what some of you wrote in:

  • I would like a green thumb for Christmas. Every year my garden succumbs to tomato blight, cucumber beetles, blossom rot … You name it, the garden gets it. Thank goodness for farmer’s markets!
  • I would like to have all the knowledge about gardening that my father had.
  • I want to start a non-profit to bring good food to the ‘hood. I want to teach low-income families how to grow their own food at home, whether they live in an apartment, a townhouse, trailer, rental home or their own house. I would love to get a starter kit of some sort, if one exists lol. If not, I’d be satisfied with tools, seeds, and raised beds.
  • Actually, the next thing on my list is the a worm farm composter. My husband already got me a double barrel composter and a rototiller. My son helped me put in two raised beds, which are growing fabulous veggies now, so now I need lots of worm castings for fertilizer!
  • I would love for my family to take me to an herb farm for a day.
  • All I want for Christmas is a truckload of good “dirt”, gutters for my house that feed into a multi-barrel, rainwater collection system, and an assortment of large, decorative planters and add more planting areas to my gardens. And winning a worm composter would be icing on my cake!
  • Dear Santa Greenjeans: I’ve been a good gardner this year. I watered and weeded all year long — on time!