We're thrilled to be doing indoor gardening this winter!

Posted by Bija Satterlee on Sunday, December 13, 2015

“This is for our spirits as much as for growing actual food.”

For weeks, I’ve been thinking about starting some seeds, so it was sweet to get a video from a customer in Massachusetts who’s already started a few trays of greens and kale in the GrowEase seed-starting trays.

She says, "Coming inside after a great summer of gardening, I couldn’t stop playing in dirt and planting living things! So I bought the two-tier indoor growing kit,
and I planted mixed greens and kale. They came up so fast I was blown away! Then they got leggy, so I lowered the lights. Now they’re buffing up. I’ve already snipped a few for salad, and we’re thrilled with it. This is for our spirits as much as for growing actual food."

David Grist

David likes to grow microgreens under lights in an office cubicle.