G-Star F1 Summer Squash is one of my favorite crops for small-space gardeners. All of the varieties featured in this post are available at High Mowing Seeds.


Vates Kale


Boothby Blonde cucumber


Little Finger eggplant


Glacier tomato


Purple Beauty pepper

If you’re gardening in compact spaces and plan to grow only a few vegetables this year, these are the ones to choose. With careful watering and regular fertilization, you can easily harvest fresh greens, cucumbers, eggplants, summer squash, peppers and tomatoes all season long.
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  1. Vates Kale is one of the best varieties for small spaces, with a compact habit and exceptionally high yields that will keep you “in greens” all summer! Just 24″ tall at maturity, the diminutive plants put out new leaves at an impressive rate and are excellent for either baby- or full-sized leaves. Performs well in both heat and cold; an excellent variety for overwintering.
  2. Boothby Blonde Cucumbers thrive in containers, producing heavy yields of smaller-sized fruits. The 3-5″ cukes have unusual creamy yellow skin and a sweet, delicate flavor. This heirloom variety from Livermore, ME, was recently recognized by the Slow Food Ark of Taste as a historic variety in need of preservation. 63 days
  3. Little Finger Eggplant is a superb container variety with heavy yields of slender, petite 3-6″ fruits. The dark-purple skin of these serving-sized eggplants is thin and tender, and the flesh is silky and mildly sweet — delicious grilled. Our earliest eggplant is prolific and will keep producing all summer long. 60 days
  4. G-Star F1 Summer Squash is a compact plant that produces abundant yields of dark-green, patty-pan type fruits. The attractive saucer-shaped squashes have scalloped edges and are best harvested at 2-4″ in diameter, when their flavor is nutty and sweet. Resistance to powdery mildew allows these cucurbits to keep producing all season, long after other squashes have stopped. 55 days
  5. Glacier Tomatoes are a favorite in the north and beyond for their exceptionally early maturity and great tomato flavor. The 2-3″ fruits are bright orange-red and consistently win taste tests of early varieties. The potato-leaved plants are semi-determinate, which means they produce an early, heavy flush of flowers and fruit, followed by more fruit through the end of the season. Standard determinate varieties produce all of their fruit at once. 55 days
  6. Purple Beauty Peppers always steal the show with their beautiful glossy black skin and contrasting bright green flesh. The plants are sturdy and compact, with a heavy fruit set in the crown and on each branch for exceptional yields per plant. Widely-adapted to thrive in many different conditions. The 3-4″ fruits are extremely early and have thick, juicy flesh. 55 days purple, 75 red
Sophia Bielenberg

Sophia Bielenberg is an avid gardener and has been working at organic farms and nurseries as well as taking pictures of (and writing about) plants for over a decade. She is a writer, producing content for the blog, catalog and social media at High Mowing Organic Seeds in northern Vermont. She is passionate about plants and traveling, which allows her to see all the strange and wonderful species that enrich our planet. She especially likes to grow kale, tomatoes, succulents, potted citrus and Venus fly traps (which produce beautiful flowers if you’re patient!)