Like pumpkins on Nov. 1, out-of-bloom orchids are often available at great prices.

I’m not going to call it a resolution, even though it’s January. Let’s just say that I’ll give it my best shot.

I was at the garden center, and I saw a table full of out-of-bloom orchids marked down 50 percent. I couldn’t resist, so I picked up three with the intent to get them to bloom again.

Because moth orchids (phalaenopsis) are known for being good rebloomers, I picked two of those, including one that’s miniature (just 3″ tall), growing in a pot the size of a K-Cup. I also chose one that looks like an oncidium orchid, but the tag reads: Wils. Spacemine ‘Red Rendezvous’. Spacemine? Turns out this is a wilsonara orchid with orange-apricot flowers. Cool.

To bring on the blooms, I’m going to follow the routine recommended by orchid-expert Anita, who works at the Gardener’s Supply garden center in Williston, VT. I have space in my office cubicle, with a set of grow lights — or the option of a south-facing windowsill down the hall.

The key elements for getting moth orchids to rebloom:

As I walked from the store with my new orchids, another gardener noticed my find. “Did you know you can get out-of-bloom orchids at the grocery store for just five bucks?” Hmm. Do I need a few more?