From a five-star review by “Bill the gardener” of Hemet, CA.


Watermelon and squash growing in the Elevated Cedar Raised Bed

We purchased our raised bed planters last year and this is the second year growing food in them. Thought it was about time I did a review. Yes, we get compliments on how good they look, but the main thing for me is, our veggies grow well in them. My wife and I live in a mobile home community that (thankfully) allows veg. gardening in your yard… so long as you try to keep it tidy and attractive. The elevated grow beds are a great help in that respect.

Also, important to us is that the planters are just the right height to allow “stand up/no stoop” gardening. Very easy on the back.

Growing results: Currently, the 2×2 bed (see picture) is planted with one pattypan squash and one Crimson Sweet watermelon. In just 14 days the melon grew from the size of a small green olive to 5 inches in diameter. That growth rate, for something growing in a raised bed planter, is amazing to me.

Mulching: Our July/August temperatures reach the 90s and beyond. Therefore, I apply a 2″ layer of mulch to every bed. This slows evaporation. Without mulching, I’d have to water a lot more often, and the plants would probably suffer.

We applied a good deck stain to protect the outside of the grow beds. On the inside, I used a nontoxic sealer called Soy Seal Wood Sealer & Waterproofer.

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