We used Raised Bed Corners to create a set of stacked beds in front of our administrative offices in Burlington, VT.


Bull’s Blood beet seeds germinate among crops that will soon be harvested.

As the gardening season goes on, it’s a challenge to keep a front-yard vegetable garden looking good. Early crops are harvested, lettuce bolts in the heat … what’s next? You have to think ahead.

Here at Gardener’s Supply, we have a set of raised beds at the front door, where I just harvested a fat handful of tender green bush beans. While I was at it, I underplanted the bean plants with yellow wax bean seeds. After these sprout and grow to a few inches tall, I’ll snip off the first crop of beans and compost them. The seedlings will produce a crop of beans in early September, well before the first expected frost.

The bok choi is nearly ready to harvest, too. I don’t want to leave any gaps in the garden beds, so I scattered Little Finger carrot and Cherry Belle radish seeds under the bok choi. The radish seeds will germinate within a week, while the carrots will take 10 to 14 days to sprout. After the seeds sprout and have their first set of true leaves, I’ll cut the bok choi at the base, but leave the roots so that I don’t disturb the carrot and radish seedlings.


The replacements: Lettuce seedlings, growing under lights indoors, will be replace mature heads of lettuce.

Arugula grows best in cool weather, but the garden is in full, hot July sun. I decided to take advantage of the shade under the leafy canopy of Russian kale to start some seeds. After trimming the yellowing bottom leaves from the kale, I sowed Sylvetta Wild arugula seeds around them. I did not cover the seeds, but watered them gently to help them settle into the soil. I expect to harvest the spicy leaves in early September from a mid-July sowing.

Ann Whitman

In addition to writing about our products, Ann tends the edible and ornamental gardens on the doorstep of our administrative offices in Burlington, VT.