This innovative planting is from SuzyQ, a reviewer from Huntersville, NC, who used the Balcony Railing Planter in a new way:

“We have a very small deck that we use all summer for entertaining. I’d found an old metal mirror frame that I wanted to hang on the wall, so I could use it for a trellis to add some color to the deck, without taking up much room. My challenge was to find a container that I could hang below the frame to allow me to plant some colorful vines without projecting too far into the passage along that wall.”

“When I saw this planter in the catalog, it was a eureka! moment. I bought two and they are perfect. The planters are relatively shallow from front to back so they don’t interfere with traffic as people walk in front of the frame/trellis/planter, but they hang perfectly on the bottom of the metal frame and don’t require additional holes in the side of the house. The planters are very deep so there is plenty of room for roots.”


She filled the window boxes with sweet peas, which will climb the trellis; Swiss chard; and nasturtiums, which will spill over the edges. “I can’t wait to see how this looks once everything fills in.”

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The Balcony Railing Planter can be slipped right over a railing — no mounting hardware, no holes to drill. It has a water reservoir, so watering chores are reduced.