The sundial garden

The first phase of our sundial raised bed food garden


Dave and Maura

Shade garden

Hosta and columbine under the honeylocust trees

The winner of the 2013 Win Your Wish List Contest is Maura Rawn, who tends several gardens with her husband, Dave, in Ohio.

I don’t usually enter contests but I am such a fan of that it seemed like a contest I should enter — guess my hunch was right!

I have been a flower gardener for the last 10 years but married two years ago and moved to my husband’s 80-acre property. Most of the land is planted in hardwoods, but we have a relatively large area around our house where I have enjoyed adding and expanding flower beds. Both of us have renewed our interest in growing food, so we have had fun with raised beds.

Because we didn’t want boring, straight rows of crops, we planted our food garden in the shape of a sundial. We completed phase two last year and will spend at least two more years adding raised beds to the sundial layout. Our corn and potatoes will be planted straight into the ground, but still part of the overall design. Next, we hope to build an arbor in the middle of the sundial with a swinging bench to rest and rejuvenate as we look out over our crops and pond.

Two years ago we had a drought in Ohio, so last year I tried the Snip-n-Drip system for the first time — and I love it. I’ve pulled them all up for the winter and look forward to re-laying and expanding more in 2014. What a fantastic and easy system.

Maura at work

Maura working on the barn flower bed redesign and expansion project

My wish list includes some new items that I am excited to use. We have a couple of tables of overwintering plants in our basement and the large High-Intensity Light Fixture should really help the health of those plants. My husband is excited to give the Raised Bed Corners try. I like the idea of the Melon Cradles — can’t wait to test those out. I also look forward to seeing if the full-spectrum Liberty Series Happy Light helps with the winter blues.

Maura Rawn

Maura gardens in Ohio.