Cynthia Fowser's door

Cynthia Fowser’s door, with a close-up of one of the arrangements, at left

Thanks to everyone who entered the 2013 Door Decor photo contest. Here are the winners:

First Prize: Cynthia Fowser, Pennsville, NJ

The $250 prize goes to a woman who lives on Christmas Tree Lane. “All materials were gathered from my yard and surrounding woods,” says Cynthia, who really does live on a street called Christmas Tree Lane. “I picked any kind of greenery I could find and mixed them for the final result. I host an annual event for friends to come and make their own wreaths using greens collected from the property. It’s a lot of fun and great way to start the holiday season.” (See her photos at the end of this post.)

Second Prize: Jennifer Davies, Avon IN

Jennifer Davies' door

“I began knitting wreaths as a way to diminish my yarn stash — those single skeins too small to make a big project and those colors you cannot remember why you bought!” Jennifer writes. “The simple cable pattern knits quickly and tossing in yarns of different texture can add whimsy, too. The wreath in the photo is now hanging at our local Wild Birds Unlimited store, as a thank you for a fundraiser they hosted for the outdoor classroom I run.”

She’s going to let the kids in her group help spend the $100 Gardener’s Supply gift certificate. To learn more about Jennifer’s outdoor classroom, watch this video about the Avon Outdoor Learning Center.

Third prize: Stephanie Brock, Centreville, VA

Stephanie Brock's door

Stephanie works at a garden center, where she manages the annuals department. “During the holidays, my area turns into the cut greens section where we sell loose greens for people to make their own arrangements and displays, pre-made wreaths, garlands, and of course our in-house custom made wreaths. This wreath has a little of everything: a Fraser fir base with mixed greens, including golden cypress, magnolia leaves, winterberry and incense cedar.”

Stephanie is a home gardener, too, and she mainly grows herb, vegetables and lots of pots and planters. “I overwinter a ridiculous number of plants in my basement with a grow light. All of my perennial herbs and flowers that I usually put in my containers are resting in pots on the south side of my house right up against the side of the garage. Hopefully they’ll make it through this extremely cold winter we’ve had so far. I guess that’s part of the fun — pushing the limits and seeing what will make it!”


Wreath-making at Cynthia Fowser’s house: “I have been hosting ‘wreath day’ for several years for a few friends (all former high school classmates), but this year I decided to extend the invitation to other classmates … a reunion of sorts. Some of us hadn’t seen each other since graduation! We had a great time catching up with each other while creating our wreaths.”

Finished wreaths

The group at Cynthia’s shows off the finished results.