Super Hoops protect plants

An innovative customer has used Super Hoops to create a protected area for her bromeliads, which are growing in large pots.

We like it when customers use our products in innovative ways. For example, got this photo from a gardener in South Carolina who uses Super Hoops as a frame to support a 10 x 20-foot tarp that covers a collection of bromeliads. The sturdy Super Hoops are made from two heavy-gauge wires joined by cross braces. Use them to support fabric, bird net, shade net — or a tarp. They’re ideal for 3-foot-wide raised beds.

The bromeliads under the hoops are growing in pots, which are now too large to move back and forth to the greenhouse. Some of the plants are 30 years old.

From the review by “Gardening Extreme” in Columbia, SC: “Great structure to cover plants with a frost blanket. It will keep the blanket from laying on top of the plants, prevent frost damage.” She bought the frost blanket at a local store.

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