Need a gift for a gardener? Ask a gardener! To assemble this list, we put a call out to our “company of gardeners,” asking for their favorites. Here’s what they suggest:

Dalton: I like to give bundled gifts that serve more than one purpose.
That’s why I am planning to give the Harvest Storage Crate filled with Songbird Tweets™ of strawberries, pears and eggs and wrap it in cellophane and tie it shut with red and green garden twine. To make the gift even more special, I attach the Glass Greenhouse Ornament to the gift tag.

Vicki: My favorites for indoor gardeners are the Mouse Watering Can and the Goose Watering Can. They are functional, high-quality, and well-designed in terms of balance. What makes them gift-worthy is their originality, their “personality,” and the fact that they don’t have to be hidden away.

Addison: A few thoughts:

Colorful Rubber Hoses

Colorful Rubber Hoses

David: Nothing tops a high-quality hose. To make it just right for the holidays, give a pair: one red and one green.

Hilary: I always recommend Tubtrugs. They have many uses — even outside the garden. Really hard to go wrong with them.

Mary: The Deep-Seat Garden Kneeler makes a great gift for gardeners of any age. The seat is really cushy and the deeper seat makes it more stable as a bench. It works well as a quick seat for sporting events, too.

Kathy: I never have enough of is gloves. I keep several types on hand so I can choose the perfect pair, depending on the job. I recommend any of the Gold Leaf Gloves because they are built to last. I personally like the Gold Leaf Soft Touch and the Gold Leaf Dry Touch.

PJ: I love the Ultimate Eucalyptus Wrap. Whether it’s used for sports injuries or arthritis, this beautiful wrap is a wonderful thing to have on hand. Heat releases the eucalyptus fragrance.

Marie: I really like the Garden Hod because it can be used in many ways:

  • Gardeners can use it to hold gloves, trowel, etc. And, of course, it’s ideal for bringing in the backyard harvest.
  • Take it shopping at the farmer’s market.
  • Use it to arrange a display of small pots.
  • Organize stray items in the car: tissue box, wipes, small toys — anything you need to bring in and out of the car.

As a gardener and an owner of 17 acres of field and wooded property (think cutting kindling, wood stacking, brush hogging) I’m always in need of extra gloves. Sure, gloves are not the most glamorous gift, but I would love a box of various work gloves for Christmas.

Peggy: I gave my brother-in-law a Potato Grow Bag with the information on how to grow potatoes. He had never grown potatoes before and was so excited at harvest time. The news made a Facebook post on my sister’s page.

All gardeners will treasure something smart and sharp. Like you! Never-Dull Scissors will gain you hero status with any gardener. For a special recipient, consider good-quality by-pass pruners with nice action, an easy blade lock, comfort grips and tempered-steel blades.

Diane: Garden clogs! Just make sure nobody else in the household has them in the same color or pattern. Otherwise, the gift recipient will be constantly battling the other person to be the first person to slip the clogs on in the morning. Trust me; I know from experience! I finally gave in and bought a different color so I would have my own signature color.

Tim: So many of our customers write to tell us how great the Tomato Success Kit is, and how they grow many more tomatoes than their neighbors. With such a good track record, it makes my list.

Sally: Leaf Scoops are the absolute best! I can move a big pile in four scoops.

Liz: I love to give our Swan Neck Hoe. I received mine years ago as a wedding gift.

Eileen: I give the Garden Kneeler, because it is really well-made and makes gardening on your knees so very comfortable. Gone are the days of kneeling on a towel and getting up with sore knees and back. I have given at least five of them as gifts.