DIY kits

Make your own cheese; grow your own mushrooms.

If you have a do-it-yourselfer on your gift list, consider one of our DIY kits. New this year is the Mozzarella and Ricotta Homemade Cheese Kit, a fun and easy way to make cheese in just 30 minutes. Our DIY cheesemaking kit contains enough ingredients to make 30 batches — just add milk. Kit includes dairy thermometer, citric acid, one yard of reusable butter muslin, vegetable rennet tablets and cheese salt, plus instructions and recipes.

Homemade cheese has flavors and textures that far outshine mass-produced supermarket fare. Imagine pairing just-made mozzarella with backyard tomatoes and basil — or using it to top pizza. And homemade ricotta is delightful in dips and lasagna.

Other DIY Gifts to Consider

Premium Edition Beer Kit: Make your own pale ale with this easy-to-use kit. It includes everything you need to brew two gallons of crisp, sparkling and refreshing pale ale in as little as 14 days. Light in color and body, this beer is a true American microbrewery favorite. It carbonates naturally in the bottles and has an alcohol content of about 3.7 percent. The lightweight, reusable, shatter-resistant fermenter has a built-in airlock, easy-pour tap, and wide mouth for easy cleanup.

Hard Cider Kit: Capture the flavor of a crisp autumn day by brewing a batch of distinctive and refreshing cider. This easy-to-use kit includes everything you need to brew 2 gallons in as little as 14 days. The cider carbonates naturally in the bottles and has an alcohol content of about 3 percent.

Sunprint Kit: Simply place natural materials and found objects on the photosensitive Sunprint paper and expose it to the sun. Rinse in water and dry, and you have a unique piece of art that’s ready for framing, scrapbooking or making into notecards. The Sunprint Kit is ideal for making unique, handcrafted notecards or framed prints. Kit includes sheets of photosensitive paper and an acrylic overlay sheet that holds materials in place during sun exposure.

Portabella Mushroom Kit: Portabella mushrooms are the filet mignon of fungi. Now you can feast on the freshest, most flavorful portabellas ever by growing your own with this fun, foolproof kit. With a few minutes setup and daily misting, you can harvest fresh, hefty portabellas up to 5″ across in just four weeks! The mushroom kit yields up to four pounds total. Please start growing within 2 weeks of arrival. Also available: Giant Portabella Mushroom Kit and the Crimini Baby Bella Mushroom Kit.

White Button Mushroom Kit: These firm, sweet mushrooms are delicious raw. Slice them into salads or serve with vegetable dip. They’re also tasty sauteed in butter or as a pizza topping. One box will produce a crop every couple weeks for up to three months.

Oyster Mushroom Garden: Grow up to 1-1/2 pounds of pearl oyster mushrooms. You can expect your first harvest in as little as 10 days, with one or more additional harvests. The “soil” in this innovative kit is made from recycled coffee grounds. So easy to use — just set it on a kitchen windowsill and mist twice a day (mister included). Winner of the Gold Award for Outstanding Food Gift.