My Greens Light Garden

The My Greens Light Garden has four growing trays, so you can ensure a continued flow of fresh greens by planting a new batch of seeds every couple of weeks. After harvest, wash and replant empty trays.

Winter is a difficult time for me because there are long periods when I can’t get out into the soil. Spring is still on the far horizon, and I’m always asking, “Are we there yet?” Sure, I get a lot of satisfaction from houseplants, and seed catalogs are dreamy. But what about some real gardening?

From the reviews:

“After hearing all the news about commercial salad greens having possible e-coli, etc., I decided to try growing my own, INDOORS. This little grow light kit is perfect. The seeds sprout quickly, keep watered through the mat wicking water up to the soil, and the light works well. This is a very well-thought-out design. I’ve already bought another one!”
Dixie, Natchitoches, LA

With the My Greens Light Garden, I can get back into the garden — on a small scale. The whole system fits right on the counter top, and I can harvest fresh greens and herbs all winter. It has two high-efficiency, high-output fluorescent lights that can be raised as plants grow. The self-watering design gives seedlings just the right amount of water.

It has four sturdy growing trays, so you can plant them all at once or create a continuous harvest by planting one tray every couple of weeks. When a tray is harvested, just wash, replant and slide it under the lights.

I like to use My Greens for microgreens, but you can also grow full-size lettuce, herbs and spicy greens to liven up salads.

This compact light garden is top-quality, made for years of use. Simple and satisfying. Next year, I might move up to a full-size light garden.