DIY raised bed

Here is a pic of one of the VegTrugs, along with two Tomato Success Kits and my antique “veggie bed.” I have planted eggplant, peppers, Swiss chard, radishes and cauliflower in this trug. Love it !

Wooden slats support self-watering planters

Wooden slats support a row of Self-Watering Planters.

Gardener Robyn Lindberg shared these photos on our Facebook wall. She tells the story of her “veggie bed.”

My husband brought the iron bed home after he helped a friend clean out a house. It was very rusty, so I cleaned it up and painted it. I was going to plant perennials inside it but then got an idea to keep my tomatoes and other plants off the ground, away from the bunnies. My hubby put in the bed slats and, voila!, a “veggie bed” was born.

We got our two VegTrugs this year. I thought they would keep the crops out of reach of bunnies and other critters, plus there would be less bending and weeding. The trugs are a godsend.

Potato Grow Bags and  a Cucumber Trellis

I thought it would be cute to put the one Vegtrug at the end of the bed as a sort of “trunk”. At the other end, I placed the medium Cucumber Trellis and planted my cukes with kale underneath. So far, the cukes haven’t done much growing — I think the weather and the bunnies are a big issue. I got the idea to plant the zucchini in the Potato Grow Bags to sort of contain them — hope it works.

Our main garden with the bed frame is at the side of our yard, overlooking Lake Huron. I can gaze at it through the kitchen window.

I am pleased that my gardens look fine, despite the horrible weather. Mother Nature doesn’t know what she wants. Went from cold and rainy to extremely hot for four days in a row (upper 80s to low 90s) and then heavy heavy rains and wind. Now, cold nights (low 40s to 50s) again. I hope my veggies survive!

Thanks so much for all the gardening information I have gotten from talking with your employees — I really appreciate it. They have helped to give me the confidence that I can do this! The novice is now an “eager beginner” who wants to try more next year.

—Robyn Lindberg

Robyn gardens in Michigan, on the shore of Lake Huron.
VegTrug with cover

This is our other VegTrug planted with lettuces, radishes, nasturtiums and Swiss chard, using the insect cover with frame to ward off the leafminers. Working so far!