Bush beans

Bush beans are easy to plant and grow

Looking for a crop to fill gaps in your vegetable garden? Consider bush beans, which thrive in warm weather and grow quickly from seed. You might even be able to find bean seeds on sale at your local garden center.

Good air circulation around the plants helps keep fungal problems in check, so avoid crowding the plants. Keep bean foliage as dry as possible and don’t touch it when it’s wet with rain or dew.

Braised beans with just-picked tomatoes

Braised beans with just-picked tomatoes

Once beans begin maturing, harvest them frequently and remove any overripe beans to help prolong production, which can last for three to four weeks. When bush beans stop producing, pull out the plants and put them in the compost pile.

To learn more on growing bush beans (and pole beans), read the article, How to Grow Beans.