She’s crazy, but it just might work!


Bridget Kane’s employee garden

Because we are “a company of gardeners,” many of us have employee gardens right outside the office. Here’s the story of one of those gardens:

I have always loved to use found objects for gardening, so incorporating recycled pallets into my employee garden plot seemed normal to me. For example, I have been a big fan of using the sheets of black plastic that come off of our pallets of soil. I use this plastic to control weeds and for moisture retention (aka “plastic mulch”). But this year, it is all about the pallets.

Any quick internet search will provide a multitude of ideas for repurposing pallets (the Canadians have an offical Pallet Association, whoa!) So, after getting some online inspiration, I knew I needed to try them in my garden this year, since I work in a warehouse surrounded by them.

Bridget Kane

Bridget Kane

I covered the ground with Pro Weed Mat first. Next, I laid down seven pallets (flat) and filled them with potting soil. It definitely took way more soil to fill these suckers than I originally thought. My thoughts are/were to plant stuff that (I hope) does not need as much root space (lettuces, herbs, radishes, beets, peas, etc.) I do have a few tomatoes, beans, squash and melons for experimentation.

To finish it off, I planted some marigolds around the border to make it look “prettier”/less crazy until the other plants fill it in more.

Next year — when I am in the set-up phase — I want to incorporate some soaker hose action throughout the pallets (which I thought of in hindsight). Also, I need to think about upgrading my system of securing the sides of the pallets so soil doesn’t push out. Right now I am using the less-than-glamorous empty plastic soil bags.

—Bridget Kane

Gardener’s Supply employee-owner Bridget Kane works in the Milton, VT, distribution center.