Vegetable garden in containers

Leah Corpieri’s garden on the campus of our Milton, VT, distribution center.

Because we are “a company of gardeners,” many of us have employee gardens right outside our workplaces. Here’s the story of one of those gardens.

After taking two years off from vegetable gardening (I had moved and could only plant a few containers on my porch), I was itching to get back into it. I would classify myself as a novice gardener with plentiful enthusiasm.


This is the most quirky and creative part of my garden. I had some Rainbow Spiral Supports, which I love because of the whimsical colors and form. Until now, I hadn’t really found a way to use them. I got the idea when I planted the garden. To create compact trellising for my peas and beans, I modified the spirals with some leftover yarn from various craft projects. I crocheted a trellis and hooked it to the three spiral supports. It’s working so far.

Although I have dabbled in gardening since 2006, this is only my third garden. So far, it’s been a success. Within my 15′ x 15′ plot I’ve managed to pack in a variety of yummy veggies. In my 3′ x 6′ Grow Bed, I have red and green romaine lettuce, Armenian burpless cucumbers, Walla Walla and red onions, summer squash, and zucchini. In my 3′ x 3′ Grow Bed, I have snow peas, pole (green) beans, beets, oregano, dill and Pink Beauty radishes. I’ve already had one beautiful harvest of radishes. They looked just like the picture on the seed packet.

I have two Potato Grow Bags with three varieties of potatoes. In various other planters I have broccoli, Brandywine tomatoes, yellow bell peppers and Jaune Flamme tomatoes. I’m trying a Pepper Grow Bag with one of the yellow bells. I am experimenting with fennel this year, too. I have planted it around the outside of my main fenced-in area and have enclosed it with our short Border Fence.

Although it’s an employee garden, it is really a family garden. I work out there most days during my breaks and, on weekends, I bring the family. My boyfriend has never done any gardening, so I’m getting to teach him a lot, and since he only sees it once a week, it really surprises him how much it changes. My son (age 6) and daughter (18 months) also love coming up and helping out.

—Leah Corpieri

Gardener’s Supply employee-owner Leah Corpieri works in the Milton, VT, distribution center.