Monday, April 29
Planted Bloomsdale spinach, Pot of Gold Swiss chard and Strawberry Blonde calendula in what I imagine to be the most captivating pattern ever.

Started seeds in our Grow Shelter. In addition to lettuces and various greens, I included a few flowers, as well as Burgundy okra, birdhouse gourds, and luffas in small peat pots (to minimize root disturbance when I transplant them).

GardenQuilt garden fabric

GardenQuilt garden fabric

Tuesday, April 30
Critter Alert! My museum-worthy tapestry of spinach, chard and calendula was all dug up and full of paw prints. What nerve! After a mild emotional breakdown and an interoffice consult, I put down a lightweight GardenQuilt Cover and secured it with Earth Staples. That should be the end of that.


A TubTrug amplifies the sound of a mobile device.

Hen in a TubTrug

A hot tub for hens

Today was mostly a weeding day. Plenty of seeds in the straw mulch have sprouted and shot up thick clumps of grass.

Weeding is kind of a mindless task that I actually enjoy if I can listen to music or a podcast. Last summer, I worked as a farmhand and spent many hours deep in the fields, all by myself, with no source of electricity. Because earphones bother my ears, I just toted my phone around in a Colorful Tubtrug, which makes a fine speaker. Flipping the Tubtrug on its side not only helps to amplify the sound, it keeps your electronics out of the rain and sun. A rock will keep the whole arrangement from blowing away in the wind.

As I was pulling weeds, I was thinking about other unusual Tubtrug uses. I’ve definitely used one for bathing chickens — I had a hen that needed a little help breaking up some matted feathers on her rear end and the next thing I knew, all the ladies wanted to try out the “hot tub.” That was pretty cute.

What about you? Have you solved pesky problems, photographed babies and puppies, or made giant ice cream sundaes in our Tubtrugs? Tell us all about it. I can’t wait to hear!