Potato planting at Company Farm

Volunteers plant potatoes on May 15.

Seed potatoes

We planted 67 pounds of seed potatoes; our harvest goal is 500 pounds or more.

At our Burlington campus, we’re trying something new this year: growing potatoes. Lots of potatoes. If all goes well, we will harvest more than 500 pounds of potatoes this fall and donate them to the local food shelf.

We’re calling the project Company Farm because the farmers are employee-owners who work in the Burlington office. Our farm is just off the parking lot in a set of 30 4×6′ raised beds — all made with our Raised Bed Corners, of course.

Planting day was May 15. In just 90 minutes, a team of 18 newbie farmers and experienced gardeners planted 67 pounds of seed potatoes. We planted three varieties: Carola, Chieftain and Superior. At the end of May, we’ll plant a few beds of sweet potatoes (Beauregard and Georgia Jet), which prefer warmer soil temperatures.

So far, so good, but I came in this morning to find that several of the newly planted spuds had been unearthed by an inquisitive animal. The chief suspect is a woodchuck who’s been seen lolling about on the sun-warmed asphalt. We also have deer. I tucked the disrupted spuds back into the soil, hoping the critters will find other interests.

Stay tuned for more updates about Company Farm, and learn more at companyfarm.org.