Ellen Ecker Ogden’s design in progress, top, for the 2×8 Elevated Cedar Raised Bed, below, which features flowers. Ogden’s design, A Paint Box Garden of Edible Plants, features vegetables.

If you’re a garden designer in Vermont, what do you do in the winter? If you’re creative, you design!

Ellen Ecker Ogden, who created two designs for our Elevated Raised Beds, often uses rugs and carpets before refining the design with paper and pencil. While working on the designs, she sent this photo of the concept for the 2×8 Elevated Cedar Raised Bed:

“I thought you might be amused to see how I design indoors, using my rugs as pretend gardens,” she says. “I drop mittens, hats and pillows in the place of plants visualize the proper spacing. It is a little quirky, but it works!”

If the rug is not the right size, she uses masking tape to create raised bed borders. “Pillows work better than hats and mittens, since they are a more consistent shape.”

To see the results of her creative process, check the article, Planting Plans for the Elevated Cedar Raised Beds.

Ellen Ecker Ogden, is the author of five books, including From the Cook’s Garden, based on the catalog she co-founded in Vermont, and The Complete Kitchen Garden, which features 2x8 Elevated Cedar Raised Bedtheme designs for cooks who love to garden. Her kitchen garden and articles have been featured in national magazines including Eating Well, Horticulture, The Boston Globe, Country Gardens and Martha Stewart Living.

The Complete Kitchen Garden by Ellen Ecker Ogden

She is dedicated to growing ornamental edibles and has been a guest chef on PBS’s Victory Garden, and HGTV’s Garden Smarts, where she is known as the “baroness of basil.” She combines her love of good food with a background in fine art to create kitchen garden designs that turn work into play.

Vermont Seminar

Ogden will present a seminar on kitchen garden design, “The Art of Growing Food”, at 9:30 a.m. April 13, at our Burlington, VT, garden center. Topics include building paths, adding personality, garden tools, organic methods, and integrating flowers, herbs and vegetables. For details, see the 2013 seminars page.