Practice random acts of gardening bumper stickerLast week, I found myself looking out the window and watching it snow in mid-April. I began to think about these bumper stickers we have that say “Practice Random Acts of Gardening.” I was trying to think, what would be a random act of gardening — even if I could not be in the garden yet?

The perfect solution came to me. Recently I Sap buckets before getting a colorful coverhad been looking at our PatioArt Planter Slipcovers. Even though it’s too early for gardening here in Vermont, it is the end of the maple-sugaring season. I thought, “I bet the slipcovers would cover a sap bucket!”

It just happened that one of my co-workers was going to be boiling sap to make maple syrup. I went to his property and followed through on my random act of “gardening.” I covered his sap buckets with the covers and brought some new life into the woods! The result:

After: A splash of color on those sap bucketsWhat do you think? What other random acts could we have done with these slipcovers? I hear some employees have found the larger sizes make an interesting skirt!

Chip Fiess Chip Fiess works in e-commerce at Gardeners Supply and grows a small garden off the deck of his condo. He wants to inspire a new generation of gardeners to get dirty, have fun and grow food!