Can you guess what this is? (You’ll find the answer at the end of the post.)

This year’s Vermont Farm Show in Essex Junction showcased the remarkable range of farm products raised, crafted and sold in the state and, in some cases, nationwide. Here’s a sampling of vendors at the show.

These charming characters are knitted from yarn made with llama fleece.

Ash Grove Farm’s natural, undyed sheep wool. As the sign says, “yarn color = sheep color.”

Super-soft alpaca yarn dyed in a rainbow of vibrant colors. Alas, yarn color does not equal alpaca color …

Christopher Hall of Flora Fauna Farm spins sheep fleece into yarn the old-fashioned way.

Korean-style kimchi made in Craftsbury. Kimchi is fermented like sauerkraut and spicy like salsa. Made by Michelle’s Spicy Kimchi.

Boyden Valley Winery’s Glögg is a mulled wine that is traditionally served warm. The winery is in Cambridge.

Switchel is a tangy and energizing blend that includes honey, apple-cider vinegar and ginger.

Homemade fruit sodas from The Farm Between, which is halfway between Cambridge and Jeffersonville.

In addition to selling honey, Vermont beekeepers craft all sorts of honey- and beeswax-based products, including candles and skin-soothing salves.

Where did that big green egg come from? An emu!

Find more photos at the Vermont Farm Show web site.

Suzanne DeJohn