From the UK to the US

Gardener’s Supply is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves.

We offer:

  • Tough Touch: Protect hands and keep them warm and dry — even in the thorniest situations. Gauntlet covers wrist and forearm.
  • Winter Touch: Thinsulate™ layer plus Ski-Dri™ lining keep hands warm and dry.
  • Dry Touch: Made with exceptionally supple and durable deerskin specially treated to resist water.
  • Soft Touch: An ideal all-purpose gardening glove. Made with exceptionally supple and durable deerskin, Lycra and nylon.
Tough Touch Gloves

Tough Touch

In Britain, the centuries-old Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) promotes only the best products. So how did Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves, invented and meticulously designed by a family-owned British company, earn the rare honor of RHS endorsement?

Peter Cooney, Gold Leaf’s founder and owner, tells a tale of great quality and good timing. A presentation of the gloves at the Chelsea Flower Show netted the company a merit award and caught the eye of the RHS. “After initially introducing our products for sale to the public, at the RHS Garden Wisley in 2004, we were asked to supply our gloves to the RHS gardeners,” Cooney says. As a result of their overwhelmingly positive reaction — particularly to the gloves’ dexterity, durability and comfort — the RHS approached Cooney about endorsing his innovative range of products.

What followed was a rigorous, year-long approval process. The RHS undertook in-house product tests while seeking feedback from horticultural experts, and investigated everything from Gold Leaf’s business methods to its customer service approach. Finally, the endorsement was announced at the famed RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2006.

Today, gardeners at the RHS gardens use many hundreds of pairs — each embossed with the RHS seal — every year, and sales of Gold Leaf gloves help support the RHS mission.

A note about fit: Initially the gloves are fairly tight. After a short breaking-in period, they form to the gardener’s hands.

“The endorsement of our gloves by the RHS, the world’s foremost gardening organization, signifies the unmatchable quality of our products. It is widely regarded as the ultimate mark of excellence in the garden,” Cooney says. “The only thing that’s more satisfying is the quite amazing feedback we receive from people who use our gloves.”

Aimee Diehl
Aimee Diehl writes from her home in rural Cornwall, VT,
where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and a dog.