Part of the 2012 potato harvest

The 2012 harvest keeps coming. This month, Deborah Miuccio, who manages the test gardens here at Gardener’s Supply, harvested about 60 pounds of potatoes from her family’s backyard garden.

“I planted them in a 4×5′ raised bed and fertilized with a thick layer of our homemade compost. In midsummer, I covered the young plants in straw. The vines grew as tall as my 9-year-old daughter!”

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Root Storage Bin

Potatoes loaded into the Root Storage Bin

Keeper Crops: How to store potatoes, onions, garlic, beets, carrots and winter squash.

After harvest, she dried them in a Boot Tray for a few days, then transferred them to the Root Storage Bin in her garage. She thinks potatoes are among the easiest vegetables to grow and store.

“We’ll have more than enough to last us into the winter. More importantly, I’ll impress my mother-in-law at Thanksgiving with pink and purple mashed potatoes.”