Bob Dillenbeck in the test gardens behind our Burlington office.

Like many of the employee-owners at Gardener’s Supply, Bob Dillenbeck wasn’t a gardener when he started working here back in 2004 — but he is now. Today he’s part of what we like to call “a company of gardeners.” Not every employee tends a garden, but most do. And we know our products because we use them.

A few years ago, Bob, who is the facilities manager in our Burlington administrative office, decided to try one of our Tomato Success Kits. He had a great harvest that first year, and has used the kit every year since, with an average annual harvest of 100 ripe tomatoes. “If there are more than I can use, I give them to friends and neighbors.”

When we modified our soil blend this year to include coir, Bob was a little skeptical. But, at four weeks, his plants were growing as well as they always had, with the promise of another good harvest.

Every year, Bob grows a different variety of tomato. This year’s pick is Celebrity.

Because we tested the soil blend with gardeners across the country, we’re confident that Bob — and everyone else — will see improved results with the new coir-based blend.

David Grist, Gardener’s Supply