Harvest results from one of our testers, Lucinda Trombly, who lives in Fort Collins, CO.

Deborah Miuccio works in the test gardens here in Burlington, VT.

As Product Testing and Research Coordinator, I test, test, and retest our products in the backyard of our headquarters in Burlington, VT, to make sure they work for our customers.

I also coordinate our nationwide program, which gets gardeners from around the country involved in testing. We want to make sure that our products perform well in different hardiness zones, climates, elevations and situations. We also know that it is risky to do all the testing in one place because diseases, such as late blight, could devastate our test crops, leaving us with a summer of no results.

Lucinda Trombly

Lucinda Trombly, one of the gardeners who tested our products this year.

Just like our customers, our testers come from all over the country, and range in ability from novice gardener to professional grower. The enthusiasm, commitment, and hard work of our national testers have been outstanding. Because their results have confirmed our own findings, we will be launching several new and improved products in 2012.

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Deborah Miuccio, Gardener’s Supply