What’s ahead for this year’s garden?

It’s the time of year when folks are making all kinds of resolutions. Like most gardeners, I’ve made my share of pledges for the new season. I spend the winter creating the lists, prioritizing and dreaming.

Come fall, when the season ends, some resolutions remain unfulfilled. But, you know, I’m OK with that. I’ve learned that for me, gardening is more about the doing than it is about the results. I love the planting, the weeding, the staking. Oh sure, I sometimes stand back and admire the results, but mostly I want to dig the next hole.

This year, I have a simple resolution:

I will spend more time in the garden.

That’s it. Maybe it’s weeding and planting. Maybe it’s morning coffee or reading a book. Just walk out the back door.

What are your resolutions for the garden? Share them in the comments. You are sure to inspire your fellow gardeners.

David Grist
Gardener’s Supply