Harvest of sweet potatoes fromt he Potato Bag

Wow! The largest tuber weighed in at 4 lbs., 7 oz.

Do you grow sweet potatoes? Until this year, my answer would have been “no”. As heat-loving plants with a long growing season, they didn’t seem well-suited to my zone 4 garden. This year, we tried growing sweet potatoes in the Potato Grow Bags. The result has been a sweet success. The largest tuber weighed in at 4 lbs., 7 oz. Total harvest from the two Potato Grow Bags was 19 lbs.

I planted one sweet potato slip in each grow bag. Sweet potatoes are not grown from seed; they are started from slips, which are actually just rooted sprouts. The plants produced a LOT of foliage.

The bags had been filled with container mix, fortified with a little compost and a handful of granular organic fertilizer. At the end of September, after a 126-day growing season, it was finally time to see what had been going on inside the bags.

Turns out they’re an easy and delicious crop — even for cold-climate gardeners.

For more information, read How to Grow Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Grow Beds (test results from growing sweet potatoes in raised beds).