Garden Crusader Ronda Clark has worked to get gardening tools and know-how into the hands of people all across southeastern Ohio.

Ronda Clark
Ronda Clark

Ronda Clark

Ronda Clark of Athens, OH, is one of the many people we met this year who is making a difference through gardening. For her tireless work to expand gardening and improve the food security in her area, Ronda has been honored with a 2009 Garden Crusader Award.

As Ronda Clark works to expand gardening in southeastern Ohio, she is thinking big.

“I want to break people of this western diet that is killing us: fast-food joints, high-fructose corn syrup, this whole culture that we have developed,” she said.

And the best way she has found to do that is through gardening — one plot at a time. Ronda is the executive director of a nonprofit called Community Food Initiatives in Athens.
“Our mission is to help people be self-sufficient in their food production,” Ronda said. “We provide gardens and tools. We teach them how to plant and harvest and amend the soil; how to cook and how to preserve the harvest. We teach them how to compost. Anything that goes with gardening, we do.”

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