Who’d have thought there would be a kitchen garden at the White House? Roger Doiron did, and now it’s happened. Roger is one of our 2009 Garden Crusaders, people who are making a difference through gardening.
Roger Doiron

2009 Garden Crusader Roger Doiron of Scarborough, ME. Read more about Roger.

Roger Doiron is one of the many people we met this year who is making a difference through gardening. For his work teaching people how to garden and about the importance of kitchen gardening, Roger has been honored with the 2009 Garden Crusader Award for Education.

When you walk up to Roger Doiron’s home, you get just a hint that a Garden Crusader lives inside. There is a tidy kitchen garden right in his front yard. Other than that, it appears to be a typical family home in Scarborough, ME.

Yet inside, Roger has been leading an international effort to expand kitchen gardening. His efforts have resulted in the creation of school gardens in his hometown, to kitchen gardens in India and even a kitchen garden at the White House.

He’s accomplished all this through persistence, a knack for promotion and a practical use of 21st century technology. He is the founder of a nonprofit called Kitchen Gardeners International, which is, in Roger’s words: “The garden mouse that roared.”