Like me, you’re probably hoping to eat a lot of tomatoes this month.

Like me, you’re probably planning to eat a lot of tomatoes in the next 60 days. Tomato sandwiches and tomato salads are my go-to favorites, but I’m always on the lookout for new ways to savor the tomato harvest.

Here’s an easy tomato tart recipe with two great variations, courtesy of our friend PJ Hamel, at King Arthur Flour down in Norwich, Vt.

The first version displays perfectly ripe, garden-fresh tomatoes (of almost any size and color) as the jewel-like beauties they are, adorned with nothing more than a little melted cheese. I’m planning to bring a few of these tarts to a pot luck dinner this week, with Sun Gold tomatoes as the star.

PJ’s second tart option has an herb-infused custard filling that gets topped with show-off slices of your beefiest beefsteak tomatoes. A hearty way to start the day. Yummy for lunch. Delicious for dinner.

If you’re new to King Arthur Flour’s “Baker’s Banter” blog, I encourage you to read down through a couple recent posts. The step-by-step pictures, clear instructions and friendly, over-the-counter encouragement are terrific.

Kathy LaLiberte
Director of Gardening, Gardener’s Supply