With our new mixes, gardeners go from seed to harvest — 100 percent organic!
Organic Seedstarting Mix

Our Germinating Mix has been a longtime favorite among folks who start their own seeds. Online reviewers give it high marks because the finely textured blend makes an excellent “foundation” for seedlings and ensures fast growth, well-developed root systems and sturdy plants. And now, we’re pleased to offer Organic Seedstarting Mix, a compost -based blend that’s 100 percent organic, so gardeners can grow organic from seed all the way to harvest.

Green Living

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The new germinating mix, blended here in Vermont, is made up of compost, sphagnum peat, rock phosphate, gypsum, protein meal and perlite. It’s made for gardeners who want a compost-based mix that has the structure of a traditional soilless mix. Ideal for any kind of seedstarting, the organic blend works perfectly with our APS Seedstarters. One 6-quart bag fills four APS-24s or APS-40s; eight APS-12s or one APS-6.

All-Organic Self-Watering Container Mix

There’s good news for container gardeners, too. We now offer an OMRI-certified organic soil that’s blended specifically for self-watering containers. The All-Organic Self-Watering Container Mix is made with sustainably harvested Canadian sphagnum peat, seaweed-based compost, limestone and fortified with beneficial mycorrhizae. The organic soil has the same properties as our regular self-watering soil; its coarse, airy texture functions like a wick, drawing water from the planter’s reservoir to the root system. Although it’s designed for self-watering planters, you can use it in regular planters, too.