New bamboo towels come in eco-friendly green — and white, too.
Bamboo towels

Bamboo towels (60% bamboo, 40% cotton) are surprisingly plush. They feel cool to the touch because the bamboo fibers are so smooth that there’s little friction on the skin.

I used to think towels were just towels. Well, it turns out that you can do better than the ones you got as a housewarming gift 12 years ago. Much better.

Today, you can buy high- performance, silky, plush towels that are four times more absorbent than cotton. What’s more, they’re inherently antimicrobial, antifungal and they dry fast. The secret: bamboo fiber.

Green Living

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Bamboo textiles are considered earth friendly because they’re made with a renewable resource that grows quickly without pesticides. For this reason, Gardener’s Supply has flagged the new towels with our “eco-friendly” seal. It should be noted that bamboo textiles require a significant amount of processing before they can be used in clothing. However, bamboo requires much less processing than conventional cotton textiles. And, as bamboo products grow more popular, it’s likely that new, more earth-friendly processing techniques will be developed.

So, if your only use for bamboo is garden stakes, take a look around. The by-products are everywhere: flooring, fencing, fabrics and tableware. And, don’t you think it’s about time for some new towels?

For more information about making thoughtful, earth-friendly choices, take a look at our full line of Green Living products, and learn about Our Commitment to the Environment.

-David Grist

Online Content Coordinator, Gardener’s Supply