Seed catalogs

The seed catalogs start piling up in January.

We speak with tens of thousands of gardeners over the course of a year, and one of the questions we’re often asked—especially by new gardeners and people who have relocated—is “Where should I purchase my flower and vegetable seeds?”

If it’s a gardener from New England, the task is easy. We tend to recommend regional companies such as Johnny’s Selected Seeds (in Maine) or Select Seeds (in Connecticut). These regional seed providers select varieties that are well-suited to our unique growing conditions.

For other regions of the country, we don’t have the advantage of personal experience, so we’re asking for your advice! Please leave a comment below and let us know which seed companies you turn to—especially for region-specific crops such as tomatoes and peppers. We’ll compile a list of regional sources, and with that in hand, will feel confident about making good recommendations to anyone who asks.