I already have 5 of them. Three old black ones and two more in pistachio green. But I could definitely use a couple more.

Last fall, when I was harvesting the last of the vegetables, I filled my tub trugs with beets and carrots; I used them to transport asters and other plants that I had dug out of the perennial border; I put daffodil bulbs in them (the ones I accidentally dug up when planting tulips); and I always had one of them filled with a mix of peat moss, granular organic fertilizer and compost so I could give a boost to plants that were being divided or moved.

choose your color

Even though it’s winter now, evey one of them is still in use. There are three in the basement filled with acorn squash, glad bulbs and canna lily roots. Another one is filled with worm castings from my worm bin. And the last one holds potting soil for transplanting houseplants.

Last weekend we had some unusually warm weather and I was able to clean up one of the perennial beds that I hadn’t dealt with last fall. I was disappointed that there wasn’t an extra tub trug around to hold my gear (pruning tools, scissors, gloves, etc.). I like keeping one in the back of my car, too.

So I figure need at least 2 more of the big, 11-gallon size. And now that we’re offering two smaller sizes, 3 1/2 gallon and 7 gallon, I’m sure I’ll be coming up with a bunch of new uses once spring arrives. Hmmm… will it be purple? Sky blue?

-Kathy LaLiberte, Director of Gardening