Sent by Frank H. of Newton, Mass.: “The cherry tomato I grew in my Self-Watering Planter got so big so fast that I had to cobble together this frame support really fast. You can hardly see the framework, which is just as well cause it’s pretty ugly. I’ll be better prepared this year!”

Earlier this year, we asked gardeners to vote for their favorite tomato support. Cages, ladders, spirals, old-fashioned stakes or something of your own invention. We’ve learned that gardeners have some pretty creative techniques for supporting their tomatoes. Just take a look at the comments that follow the original post. Some examples:

  • I find that using half-inch electrical conduit pipe is the best way to stake up tomatoes. Buy a 10-foot piece of pipe, cut it into two 5-foot pieces. They are easy to drive in ground. If your plants exceed the top of your pipe, buy a coupling and add a short piece of conduit to the top ….
  • We use cages. Then, when the plants grow above the cages, we use metal stakes at the end of each row, string metal wire across them, then support the tomatoes with pieces of old nylon stockings tied to the wire….
  • My favorite way to support tomatoes is to espalier them. My hubby built me 6-foot- tall frames with a top crossbar 4 feet wide. I stretched nylon mesh with big holes (4″ x 4″) so you can reach in and harvest. Air circulates and the sun hits all parts of the plant because there is no shade….

We’d love to see photos of your support structures, so please post them in our album. Or, just take a look at what other folks have created.