Sedums and other succulent plants add color and texture and thrive in hot, dry gardens.

Succulent plants, like Sedum, Hens and Chicks, and Stonecrop, have really caught my eye over the past couple of years. I’ve seen many of them used in containers and small gardens where their textures and colors stand out from early summer right through September. Their fleshy leaves take heat, full sun, and drought in stride.

Proven Winners® offers several Sedums, including two with trailing, fine-textured, golden foliage—Angelina and Lemon Coral—and Garnet Brocade™, which has dark burgundy, upright growth and red flowers. Angelina thrives on top of a stone retaining wall in my Zone 4 garden.

Recent introductions from other plant breeders include Mr. Goodbud stonecrop from Terra Nova. This one grows just over a foot tall and has pink buds that open to dark mauve flower clusters. Red Cauli Sedum is another winner in my garden with its serrated blue-green leaves and pink-turning-red flowers.

Cottage garden favorites, Hens and Chicks, are popular in Europe as container plants and for growing on roof gardens. These tough, old-fashioned plants have made a comeback here, too. I’ve even seen them used in living wreaths and as centerpieces for outdoor tables.

—Ann Whitman, Horticulturist


P.S. From Kathy LaLiberte, Director of Gardening: I’ve planted lots of succulents in troughs. You can see them in the Gardener’s Supply Photo Center. Just look at my album called Succulents.
-Kathy LaLiberte