Allan Armitage

Allan Armitage is one of the world’s leading experts on perennials and annuals. Born in Montreal, Quebec, and now living in Georgia, he has experience gardening in zones 3 through 8. As a professor of Horticulture at the University of Georgia, he oversees the University’s test gardens and new plant programs.

Over the last 20 years, Allan has introduced dozens of new plants to the gardening world, including the number one selling verbena variety in the U.S., ‘Homestead Purple’, the chartreuse sweet potato vine ‘Margarita’ and a series of coleus that thrive in full sun. He is especially interested in plants that grow well in the hot and humid Southeast.

Allan is the author of six gardening books and hundreds of articles. With his incredible range of experience and sharp wit, he is always in demand as a speaker. His reference book, Herbaceous Perennial Plants, was designated as one of the most important horticultural books written in the past 75 years. It’s one that every professional keeps within reach.

If you have the opportunity to hear Allan speak at a garden show or special event, don’t miss out on the experience. And if you find yourself in Athens, Georgia, with some time on your hands, stop by the University of Georgia test gardens and check out some of the great new plants that will soon be available at your local nursery.

-Ann Whitman, Staff Horticulturist