I have a confession to make: Although I work for Gardener’s Supply, I don’t have a backyard composter. Startling, but true.

Dinner prep in progress, with the Biobag close at hand, right by the cutting board.

Dinner prep in progress, with the Biobag close at hand, right by the cutting board.

All yard waste—and there’s a lot of it—is thrown directly into the bed of my truck. From there, I bring it to the Intervale Center, which is just down the road. It’s a huge, compost-making facility that accepts yard waste from the region. The only problem is, what to do with our kitchen waste? That’s where the Biobags come in.

I’ve even found that the Biobag can be tucked into a standard kitchen garbage can, where it covers just half of the opening. That way, I can toss regular garbage and collect compostable material at the same time.

Another great use for the bags: dog poo. Responsible dog owners are diligent about picking up after their pets, but plastic bags are usually the tool of choice. Biobags are a better option, because they are 100% biodegradable.

When I start making dinner, I put a Biobag on the counter, rolling the edges a bit to make it stay open. You can even use it to line a mixing bowl. All the trimmings go into the bag. After the prep is done, I tie off the bag and place it by the front door. In the morning, I take the bag to the restaurant that my partner owns, where it gets tossed into the compost dumpster. Eventually, it ends up at the same location as my yard waste: Intervale Compost. The bag is 100 percent biodegradable, so there’s nothing left to rinse out or clean. It’s just gone. For me, the key to being a diligent composter is finding a way to fit it into the flow of daily life, and the Biobag makes it easy.

-David Grist, Online Content Coordinator