Bamboo teepee saves foundation plantings.

Step 1: Set up bamboo teepee.

In the winter, my foundation plants, both evergreen and deciduous, take a beating from the snow that comes off the roof of our house. Each spring they seem to be back to the same size they were three years ago when I first planted them. I have been planning to build some wooden shrub protectors, but this weekend I realized that it was already November and that wasn’t going to happen.

Instead of doing nothing, I decided on a plan B. I put three faux bamboo stakes in a teepee formation over the shrubs that typically sustain the worst snow damage. I then wrapped burlap around the outside of the teepee and tied everything together with twine. I am hoping this will be a successful low-cost (and last minute) way to help these plants get themselves established and actually put on some new growth next spring.

Step 2: Cover with burlap.
-Susan Romanoff
Creative Director, Gardener’s Supply