Please vote in our poll. As we try to develop new solutions, it helps to understand how people are watering their gardens.

We had almost an inch of rain last weekend, and this week I couldn’t get over how great the gardens looked. The soil was moist and the plants looked so HAPPY! Clearly they had been nourished by the rain in a way that no amount of hand watering could equal.

Here in Vermont, we are usually blessed with enough summer rainfall to satisfy most plants. My low-yield drilled well keeps me from watering more than about 20 minutes at a time, so I just use two French Blue Watering Cans. Using watering cans makes it clear how much water I’m actually applying. It also limits what gets watered: potted plants, plants in the greenhouse, transplants, and newly seeded areas in the vegetable garden. Planting thickly and keeping everything well mulched allows most plants to weather our dry spells.

We know that watering is a serious challenge for many gardeners. As we try to source and/or develop new watering solutions, it helps to understand how people outside of Vermont are watering their gardens. Please let us know by “voting” in the poll that’s located in the upper-right corner of this page. If you have the time to elaborate, add a comment below. Thanks!

-Kathy LaLiberte, Director of Gardening