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From the Reviews: VegTrug Keeps Crops Out of Backyard Floods

We recently received this photo of our VegTrug® Patio Garden with a review from “Retired and loving it,” Columbus, GA. “I bought the first one last year to plant butter beans and save my back when picking. My back yard literally has a river run through it during heavy rains, so I bought two more VegTrugs to expand my garden [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: A Really Tasteful Garden

Filet beans Not long after I started my job at Gardener’s Supply in early spring, a box arrived packed full with strong, healthy plants with my name on it. While this wasn’t unusual for me — I’ve shipped myself irresistible specimens at odd times of year before — it was early in the season to put these beauties i [...]

In Praise of Raised Beds

In Praise of Raised Beds
Before: A 4×8 raised bed after a long winter and spring, filled with weeds from wind-blown seeds. How long does it take to weed your garden? In just 12 minutes, I was able to take a weedy 4×8 raised bed and make it ready for planting. The before-and-after photos show one of the big benefits of raised bed gardening: Pulling weeds [...]

Introducing Snip-n-Drip

Introducing Snip-n-Drip
Water is the key to a healthy, productive garden. With our new Snip-n-Drip Soaker System, you can get water directly to the plants, without wasting a single drop. Watch the video to see how it works.

Prevent Transplant Shock

Look for plants that are in proportion to the size of the pot they’re growing in. As the garden centers (including ours here in Vermont) fill up with 6-packs of irresistible little vegetable and flower seedlings, it’s good to remember what a shock it can be for those plants to go from greenhouse to your garden. Without a little preempti [...]
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