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Self-Watering Innovations in Santa Fe...

Tomato Success Kits with customized irrigation Lincoln grew corn in a Self-Watering Patio Planter. “I planted eight seeds per container and the yield was two full ears per plant. The variety is Sweet Maple Hybrid from Burpee. What if you took the concept of “self-watering” a step further by adding a hose to fill the reservoi [...]

Roasting Technique Makes Quick Work o...

Tomatoes, ready to roast. Photo: Brenda Bolio, VT Have a great photo? Enter our contest on Facebook or via Twitter or Instagram. Use #gscharvest Brenda’s photo, entered in the Harvest Photo Contest, is a reminder that it’s time to roast tomatoes. She says: “When life gives you tomatoes, roast them!” With Jim’s si [...]

Sun-Dried, Dashboard-Dried, Homegrown...

Mary shared this photo on our Facebook page. Mary Ahrens of California shared this photo on our Facebook page. We were intrigued and asked her to share the technique: “Well, I use a small cherry tomato type. I sort out the miss marks, over- and under-ripes, wash, cut them in half, put them skin side down. You can sprinkle dried herbs o [...]

New, True Purple Tomatoes Turn Heads ...

Indigo Rose tomato
A ripe Indigo Rose tomato. Photo: Tiffany Woods, Oregon State University What’s the garden’s most fashionable color this growing season? It’s purple, at least as far as tomatoes are concerned. A new variety of tomato, called Indigo Rose for its deep purple, nearly black skin, is gaining popularity with gardeners for its unus [...]

What Do You Sow? Tomatoes!

Last week, we had a contest on Facebook called Ready, Set, Sow! On our short entry form, we asked, “What seeds will you be sowing this year?” We got lots of feedback, including: Tomatoes and lots of them! Lots of herbs, lots of heirloom tomatoes, green beans, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, garlic, onion, potatoes, etc. Lots of flow [...]

It’s Not Too Early for Late Bli...

tomato leaf with late blight
Late blight on tomato foliage. Photo courtesy Meg McGrath, Cornell University Late blight, a disease that strikes tomatoes and potatoes, can quickly ruin an entire crop — and provide a source of infection for other plants. So far this growing season, the disease has been confirmed in Florida and up the East Coast up to Pennsylvania and New Yo [...]

Secret to Tomato Success: Coir

Secret to Tomato Success: Coir
Tomato Success Kits are lined up to test coir-based planting mixes against traditional planting mixes. Results from our gardens — and from the gardens of testers across the nation — show that our new Eco-co™ Coir is an outstanding addition to container soil mixes. Tomato plants grown in a coir-peat test mix (above left) are more vigorous [...]

Simple Roasted Tomatoes

Freshly harvested plum tomatoes become more intensely flavored in my simple technique. Although fresh tomatoes are available year-round, I enjoy them most during the summer, especially from my own garden or a farmer’s market. A farmer here in Vermont once told me to eat one of her just-picked heirloom tomatoes with only a sprinkling of [...]


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