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Cucumbers in a Tomato Planter? Yes!

cucumbers in tomato success kit

Here at Gardener’s Supply, we’re always trying new things with our products, so it’s interesting to learn what our customers are doing. For instance, longtime gardener Phil Wood is growing cucumbers in our Tomato Success Kit. “I’ve grown cukes in the past, but I could never seem to water them enough. They would dry up […]

A Company of Gardeners

bob in the display garden

Like many of the employee-owners at Gardener’s Supply, Bob Dillenbeck wasn’t a gardener when he started working here back in 2004 — but he is now. Today he’s part of what we like to call “a company of gardeners.” Not every employee tends a garden, but most do. And we know our products because we […]

Secret to Tomato Success: Coir

Secret to Tomato Success: Coir

Tomato Success Kits are lined up to test coir-based planting mixes against traditional planting mixes. Results from our gardens — and from the gardens of testers across the nation — show that our new Eco-co™ Coir is an outstanding addition to container soil mixes. Tomato plants grown in a coir-peat test mix (above left) are […]

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