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Pretty Puschkinia

Photo: Purdue University Extension Service Meet the puschkinia, an understated beauty that’s perfect for an intimate garden, planting along a path or walkway, and carpeting the ground beneath trees or shrubs. What’s more, these bulbs bloom early and tolerate light shade. When the International Botanical Congress convenes, once eve [...]

Critter-Proofing Fall Bulbs

Foil bulb-eating critters by planting daffodils, grape hyacinths (muscari) and other bulbs that deer, chipmunks and rabbits tend to avoid. Spray tulips with Liquid Fence repellent to keep deer and bunnies from eating them. Shown here are two early blooming varieties, Stresa and Scarlet Baby. “I’ve tried bulbs, but the squirrels di [...]
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