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Getting the Most of a Short Growing Season in Oregon

The curved metal frames support tarps that protect crops when nights are cold. Garlic always does very well here. We love it, and the harvest keeps well through the winter. And then there is the cabbage: pretty as a picture, and wonderful in sauerkraut! When it comes to gardening, we find that the best teachers are other gardeners, such as Ba [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: The Garden Harvest Begins

A basket of just-picked tomatoes will be welcome in the staff lunch room. Planting your fall beds with Super Hoops in place makes it easy to add protection when colder days arrive. July 29 This week I have been planting fall garden beds. The timing is about right, here in Zone 5, for putting in beets, carrots, turnips, snap peas and cold-tole [...]

Fill Vegetable Garden Gaps with Bush Beans

Bush beans are easy to plant and grow Looking for a crop to fill gaps in your vegetable garden? Consider bush beans, which thrive in warm weather and grow quickly from seed. You might even be able to find bean seeds on sale at your local garden center. Good air circulation around the plants helps keep fungal problems in check, so avoid crowdi [...]

New Cold Frame Yields Early Harvests

Cold Frame
Crops thriving in the Elevated Grow Shelter, our newest cold frame. When I planted, winter was still in the air — and on the ground. Back in late April, I planted seeds in a 4′ x 4′ Elevated Grow Shelter. In mid-June, it’s just bursting with life. I love all the different textures and shades of green in such a compact space. [...]

New Season-Extending Tools

New Season-Extending Tools
Eager to get back to the garden? Here are several new products to help you get started earlier. See everything we have in the Season-Extending department. Compact Patio Grow House Help indoor-grown seedlings and houseplants acclimate to outdoor conditions. With more than 8 square feet of growing space, this grow house provides plenty of ro [...]
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