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Turn Cherry Tomatoes into Something Special

Thanks to everyone who entered our Tomato Recipe Contest on Facebook. Here’s the winning recipe, from Megan Miller of Carver, MA. Megan Miller, with her autumn garden in the background THIS summer — unlike many of my fellow local gardeners — I had a wildly successful crop of tomatoes. My heirlooms colored up and my cherries were extraor [...]

Roasting Technique Makes Quick Work of Abundance

Tomatoes, ready to roast. Photo: Brenda Bolio, VT Have a great photo? Enter our contest on Facebook or via Twitter or Instagram. Use #gscharvest Brenda’s photo, entered in the Harvest Photo Contest, is a reminder that it’s time to roast tomatoes. She says: “When life gives you tomatoes, roast them!” With Jim’s si [...]

Vicky’s Apple Crisp

Vicky Broe prepares her Apple Crisp. Is there someone at your company that makes a signature dish, one that employees request for potlucks or meetings? At Gardener’s Supply, Vicky Broe’s apple crisp is one of those dishes. Vicky’s Apple Crisp Serving apple crisp Each year, I make this dish for our new-employee orientation [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: But Have You Ever Braised a Radish?

Braised radishes make an excellent side dish. When’s the last time that you absolutely fell in love with a vegetable? Better yet, can you recall a time that you saw an old acquaintance in a totally new light and felt your heart unexpectedly flutter? Well, if all goes well, I am about to send you on a journey to that mysterious and ma [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: A Refreshing Watermelon Drink

Doll Baby Icebox watermelon and Sun Jewel melon I have been concentrating on feeding the garden, both with foliar sprays and nutrient drenches. Just imagining that every annual vegetable is a baby and a mother during its short life cycle, makes me want to give each one as much support as I can. Before I became aware of following a feeding sc [...]

Simple Roasted Tomatoes

Freshly harvested plum tomatoes become more intensely flavored in my simple technique. Although fresh tomatoes are available year-round, I enjoy them most during the summer, especially from my own garden or a farmer’s market. A farmer here in Vermont once told me to eat one of her just-picked heirloom tomatoes with only a sprinkling of [...]

My Pesto Addiction

A basil seedling I had homemade pesto for dinner last night. And the night before, and last weekend, too. Now that this year’s crop is up and growing strong, I don’t mind using up the rest of last year’s batch of pesto, which I froze in Pesto Cubes. care not to use up my stash. For me, having pesto in the freezer is like hav [...]
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