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Customized Corners Protect Raised Bed from Garden Pests

This idea comes from a gardener in Arlington, VA, who reviewed our Raised Bed Corners (4 stars): "To prevent rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks from getting into the bed, I wanted to enclose it with a 2-foot-high fence that would still allow easy access to the plantings. The 2-inch-square holes in the corners (which typically are covered [...]

Meet Maura, Winner of the Wish List Contest

The first phase of our sundial raised bed food garden Dave and Maura Hosta and columbine under the honeylocust trees The winner of the 2013 Win Your Wish List Contest is Maura Rawn, who tends several gardens with her husband, Dave, in Ohio. I don’t usually enter contests but I am such a fan of that it seemed like a contest [...]

Self-Watering Innovations in Santa Fe, NM

Tomato Success Kits with customized irrigation Lincoln grew corn in a Self-Watering Patio Planter. “I planted eight seeds per container and the yield was two full ears per plant. The variety is Sweet Maple Hybrid from Burpee. What if you took the concept of “self-watering” a step further by adding a hose to fill the reservoi [...]

Crop Rotation in a Compact Garden? How?

We get this question a lot: “This year, I grew a bunch of eggplants, eight tomatoes, and several chile pepper plants in my elevated raised beds, Terrazza planters and a 3×6 raised bed. I have read that next year, I should not plant any of these in the same place as I did this year. What is a small-space gardener to do?” Ther [...]

DIY: Old Iron Bed Becomes New Raised Bed

Here is a pic of one of the VegTrugs, along with two Tomato Success Kits and my antique “veggie bed.” I have planted eggplant, peppers, Swiss chard, radishes and cauliflower in this trug. Love it ! Wooden slats support a row of Self-Watering Planters. Gardener Robyn Lindberg shared these photos on our Facebook wall. She tells the [...]

New Cold Frame Yields Early Harvests

Cold Frame
Crops thriving in the Elevated Grow Shelter, our newest cold frame. When I planted, winter was still in the air — and on the ground. Back in late April, I planted seeds in a 4′ x 4′ Elevated Grow Shelter. In mid-June, it’s just bursting with life. I love all the different textures and shades of green in such a compact space. [...]

In Praise of Raised Beds

In Praise of Raised Beds
Before: A 4×8 raised bed after a long winter and spring, filled with weeds from wind-blown seeds. How long does it take to weed your garden? In just 12 minutes, I was able to take a weedy 4×8 raised bed and make it ready for planting. The before-and-after photos show one of the big benefits of raised bed gardening: Pulling weeds [...]

Small Gardens Revolution

Cabbage and marigolds, which are both edible, mix beauty and food in a small space. Grow Beds help small-space gardeners grow more in less space. I talk with urban and suburban gardeners every day and I’m impressed with how people cope with food production in small spaces. Those with decent soil and sun in the right place often plant in [...]
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