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Jennifer’s Journal: Too Much Produce? Freeze!

A midsummer harvest from my garden At this time of year, I am swimming in produce! A lot of my usual garden chores have taken a backseat to preserving the many vegetables I’m harvesting here at Gardeners’ Supply and in my home garden. I’m trying to stay aware of which beds should be marked for cover cropping and which should [...]

Sun-Dried, Dashboard-Dried, Homegrown Tomatoes

Mary shared this photo on our Facebook page. Mary Ahrens of California shared this photo on our Facebook page. We were intrigued and asked her to share the technique: “Well, I use a small cherry tomato type. I sort out the miss marks, over- and under-ripes, wash, cut them in half, put them skin side down. You can sprinkle dried herbs o [...]

Simple Roasted Tomatoes

Freshly harvested plum tomatoes become more intensely flavored in my simple technique. Although fresh tomatoes are available year-round, I enjoy them most during the summer, especially from my own garden or a farmer’s market. A farmer here in Vermont once told me to eat one of her just-picked heirloom tomatoes with only a sprinkling of [...]

Freezing Sweet Corn

Use an angel food cake pan (or a bundt cake pan) to make it easier to shave the kernels off the cob with a sharp knife. I used to grow enough corn that we could eat it for dinner every night during August and still have enough to freeze for winter. Once you’ve been eating home-frozen corn for a few years, it’s difficult to be sati [...]
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