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A New Way to Grow: the Pea Tunnel

Pea Tunnel

A fun way to grow peas: The Pea Tunnel. This innovative trellis makes the most of tight garden spaces and fits nicely in a 3′ to 4′ raised bed. Plant a row of peas on each side and they’ll climb up and over. Set up several in a row to create a longer tunnel. In […]

How Do YOU Support Your Peas?

Pea vines on the Tall Expandable Pea Trellis

Most people — me included — find that the toughest part about growing peas is figuring out how to support them properly. In my garden I grow only one type of peas: edible pod peas (rather than shelling peas or snow peas). I eat most of my peas raw rather than cooked, and that’s not […]

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